So… you’ve got this amazing idea! Sadly, you and I both know however, you are likely never going to do anything with it.

Why? Along with that great idea, unfortunately almost always comes with a great excuse.

Maybe it’s your need for stable income, the time it will take, or the risk involved. Whatever it is, that excuse is going to keep your idea and your future financial independence, safely in the realm of imagination.

It doesn’t take much to talk someone out of being an entrepreneur and following their dreams of bringing their ideas to life. Even while it can be sensationally rewarding, no one has ever sanely described entrepreneurship as easy.

Building your own business, around your own vision… hey, it’s going to be filled with lots of challenges and an insane amount of risk. Just thinking about it can make your stomach queasy, knees weak and your heart weary. Yet, who ever said success was going to come easy?

So get out there and make a real go of it — and do not allow some of the most common excuses like fear of failure, it’s too difficult, image and the constant criticism, and/or, timing, to keep you from succeeding as an entrepreneur and building your business.

In the end, what matters most is that you pursue your ideas and find ways to work around excuses. Believe when we say, we understand the plights of the entrepreneur and the developing business, both public and private; particularly within the microcap markets.

We know damn well that when you’re an entrepreneur, the buck stops with you. So if a venture fails, you’re responsible, and that is indeed a very scary thought — often, scary enough to keep people from even trying; making up excuses why not to try.

Please, DO NOT allow yourself to be scared off easily.

Get over your excuses. Take that leap and pursue your business, goals and ambitions of being a great and successful entrepreneur. AJENE WATSON, LLC will always be here to help you.

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Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets

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Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets

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