An Urge To Greater Effort — So Says The Devil

“People who are definite in both their plans and their purposes, never accept temporary defeat as being more than an urge to greater effort.” — The Devil (aka Your Majesty) in, Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Your Majesty continues, “You can see for yourself, that this sort of policy is bound to win if it is followed with definiteness.”

How true is this ‘Definite Purpose’ when it comes to working with companies trading on the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets (usually identified as nano-cap and microcap companies)? We believe it to be quite accurate.

You see… we’ve had our share of failures, just as we’ve had our share of successes. However, our greatest lessons did not come from when we succeeded, but when we failed. Failure is the driving force behind our steadfastness in fighting what continuously seems to be an uphill battle; formulating a solution that will contribute to the development and sustainability of a legitimate marketplace, despite of itself.

The ultimate goal is not so much to solely make money, which in and of itself can lead to all sorts of dubious acts from even the most honest of men; particularly in such an unorthodox marketplace. Rather, the goal is to build opportunities contributing to the inherent belief that wealth can be attained by the average Joe (investor/shareholder) and entrepreneurs can in fact prosper and flourish from such a cruel and unusual bazaar.

Money for us, simply becomes a byproduct of this success. Meaning, it is only with this type of success, do we truly make money. Therefore, luck has no place here. Neither does operating ‘fast and furious’; investing money today and unwinding stock positions tomorrow, as so many investors do — to the fatal demise of the average everyday investor/shareholder. The truth is… you can do both well, and do good, if you put your mind to it.

It is important to us that we learn why it is that most penny stock ventures fail. Why it is that those firms claiming to be investors, are nothing more than opportunistic sharks feeding on the desperate despair of weak and vulnerable entrepreneurs. Why is it that investors/shareholders claiming to look for and want real value, contribute to the perpetuating demise of their own investments by trading stocks based on ridiculous email blasts, trumped up marketing and message board rhetoric vs. fundamental research, direct corporate interaction and above all, common sense. Why is it that executives so often times do much of nothing to advance their company’s business model, as compared to the extreme efforts given in ensuring their personal lifestyles are kept afloat.

As a private lender, as well as a business development and management consultancy firm, investing both time and money, ‘long-term,’ we are constantly running up against these types of challenges. Be it an investment of capital, which we are forced to watch rapidly diminish, as so called ‘investment funds’ call up our client companies looking for Aged Debt to buy (which is not ‘real’ investing, btw), causing swift and immediate stock dilution and price deterioration. Or, even an unfair compromise of our time and commitment, due to non-compliant or unreasonable executive officers, who want their cake and eat it too.

We know all too well the perils of the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets. We’ve needlessly lost money, some of which we’ve recouped. We’ve been needlessly sued, where we were ultimately vindicated. We’ve needlessly been the target of online attacks, which in many cases, we’re helpless to defend against. But, most importantly, we are always in the line of fire when things don’t go the client’s way… regardless of where the fault may lay. In this market and day of age, it is always easier to blame someone else, rather than accept personal responsibility for one’s actions.

Nonetheless, we continue to carry on. What we do is super exciting! So much so, that even the very things we hate about the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets, is what we love about the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets. That’s the fundamental difference between AJENE WATSON, LLC and our network of professional consultancy providers, vs., those consultants and investors who continuously look to establish public companies from shells, based on business ideas [not operating businesses], with a view to ‘run a stock’ through bogus marketing campaigns for personal gain. Everything performed under the guise of, “let’s build a company.”

Our team only gains when the client company and its shareholders gain. We lose… and stand to lose significantly much more — money, status, reputation, trust and future opportunity — when our client company and its shareholders lose.

Loss however, as Warren Buffet has shown through value investing, isn’t what happens from those day-to-day declines we see with Pink Sheet and OTC Market companies, as a single year of losses can be returned tenfold in the years going forward. This of course being the case where the business and its executives are ‘real.’ Thus, shareholders that are invested in any of our client companies, should not be as concerned with what may occur in a stock from one day to the next, as there are plenty of unfavorable outside factors that drive Pink Sheet and OTC Market stock declines. What shareholders whom invest in our client companies need to keep a close eye on, is the client company’s “realness…,” its stated intention, its plan to combat the subjective behaviors of adversarial Pink Sheet and OTC Market participants [consultants, investors, IR Marketing groups, etc], and, if those efforts are being carried out to fruition. This comes in addition to the client company developing and deploying a believable and viable, executable plan for both short and long-term success.

Will every one of our client companies make it? Of course not!

Is our current percentage of success greater than our failures? Not yet… at least not in the way we view success.

So why are we so positive?

Well, because Your Majesty said it best… “People who are definite in both their plans and their purposes, never accept temporary defeat as being more than an urge to greater effort. You can see for yourself, that this sort of policy is bound to win if it is followed with definiteness.”

With every day that passes, our successes continue to gain over our failures… so that one day, our achievements will outshine any past disappointments. In the end, the entire Pink Sheet and OTC Markets, will be the greatest benefactor of the definiteness in which AJENE WATSON, LLC and its network of professional consultancy advisors operate, as well as from what many of our client companies will manage to accomplish.

We are surely Definite in this pursuit. We are surely Definite in our purpose.

Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets