The Public Accelerator Incubator — Don’t Get Left Behind Again

This is America Jack! You Deserve a Piece of the PAI

Don’t get left behind

My name is Ajene Watson, and my friends and I are the developers of the PAI platform, also known as the Public Accelerator Incubator. The purpose of this vehicle is to promote equitable opportunities amongst investors of all classes — rich, poor, and in between. Everyone should have the ability to make money, at the same time, from the same exact investment opportunity. Is this a tall Order? Heck yes, it is.

This is why platforms we are exploring like Crowd Funding and Crypto Currencies, if used properly, are so important. However, these are just tools that are complicated to understand. Even if you learn how to proficiently use them, as with good ole’ cash, what good are they if viable opportunities to put them to use are limited?

The PAI does much more than promote opportunities to invest in early-stage, high growth companies. Just about any crowdfunding platform and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) can do that. What the PAI does is promote those opportunities that most crowdfunding platforms and Initial Coin Offerings don’t provide access to — “Smart Money” startups.

What is a Smart Money startup? It is a startup that didn’t just raise money, but a startup that is raising money or is being supported by specific people — curators of the world’s best-known unicorns and other top performing startups.

For example: Binary Capital, before their unfortunate setback, caused by some bad press relating to internal issues with personnel, NOT from their highly acclaimed investment choices. This tech investment firm was a leading investor in the startup space. Snap Chat is a prime example of Binary Capital’s investment prowess. If Binary Capital was attached to a startup, the likelihood of success was that much greater. Now, what if every startup attached to the PAI was supported by the likes of a Binary Capital, what would that mean?

While nothing is guaranteed, it would be an almost foregone conclusion that each startup attached to the PAI that was supported by a company like Binary Capital, would be a success. This means that the basket of equity we’d be holding, comprised of all of these types of startups, would grow exponentially in value. This is why we follow the “Smart Money.” Let’s face it, how often do you find Snapchats, Dropboxes, or Ubers on typical crowd funding sites?

It’s simple, the reason why lottery jackpots continuously reach record breaking highs is because everyone has a dream and a few dollars to risk. The dream of being rich beyond belief and channeling ones favorite musician, athlete, movie star, entrepreneur or even perhaps, the world’s top fund managers or tech investors is an exciting picture to paint for ones future. But if we told you that you can take that same dollar and invest it alongside a Binary Capital type of investor (i.e. Felicis Ventures, Greylock, Y Combinator or Softech VC), early enough where your one dollar would secure you substantial upside, would you take that calculated risk? Or would you continue to throw money into the lottery?

Our first PAI is Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. It is working closely with developing a relationship with a Smart Money startup where an impressive $250,000 investment was made at the “pre-seed” level. So, what are the chances of this startup company’s success? Very strong!

Is this startup company on the typical crowdfunding site? No, it is not. So, you can’t invest there.

Is it on any Initial Coin Offering platforms? Not yet. And, unfortunately, as a U.S. citizen, you still can’t easily invest there.

So, what exactly is the point? With the Public Accelerator Incubator, you have an opportunity to get in on the ground level in this and other “Smart Money” startups to claim your piece of the PAI.

Don’t get left behind again!

Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets

Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets