How the Speed of Implementation Affects Business Success

Next time you stop into your neighborhood bookstore, you’ll likely find an entire section dedicated to helping one’s business succeed. Usually practical tips, which focus on the whole gamut of what makes up a modern-day company: the entrepreneur, customers, marketing, employees, and of course, the business model.

Choosing the right self-help advice is usually done on a personal basis. There is no “one size fits all” scheme that works for everyone; especially since different people are on different paths to varying levels of success. What applies to one… may not be as important to another.

Based on the general premise of success, making the right decisions for your business is normally a top priority. However, in the grand scheme of things, even making wrong decisions, is infinitely far more superior to making no decisions.

Trust when we tell you, there is indeed a problem plaguing many fresh startups and it is not the lack of advice on how to be successful. Look around you. That crap is everywhere.

No… it’s the lack of advice regarding the speed in which many of those very same “success tips,” actually need to be implemented.

Speed Matters

Success can be defined in various ways. One way to define success is by the notion of doing the right thing. A simple enough concept, right?

The more things you do right with your company or in your business, the greater are your chances of success. Conversely, the more things you do wrong, the more likely it is that you will fail to achieve your goals.

If this particular definition of success is correct, then common sense dictates that business owners should take time to carefully consider each and every single decision before they implement it. Correct? After all, making rash judgments could lead to ruin!

So many entrepreneurs often hold-off on doing anything important without first consulting with their family and friends, weighing out different opinions, praying on it… even consulting an Oracle. All of this before taking any action.

While this strategy may seem sound on the surface, the reality is that it can lead to indecisiveness, loss of momentum, perfectionism, and sometimes, corporate paralysis. This is especially harmful in the twenty-first century; an era where market trends and customer demands change so quickly. Businesses need to be able to adapt at the drop of a hat in order to keep up with the times.

So contrary to a favored maxim, “slow and steady wins the race” — a saying likely better suited for personal endeavors where time is not a factor — in the realm of real world cutthroat business, this concept hardly applies.

Success goes to the fastest man

There have been huge numbers of successful companies that have folded due to dogged stubbornness of sticking to outdated techniques. Techniques which might have worked in previous eras, but now serve as nothing more than heavy anchors, preventing them from moving forward. In order to succeed, today’s entrepreneur must implement new business techniques as fast as possible.

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re not recommending that new advice must be immediately followed in haste. Absolutely not! Rather, we’re simply suggesting that those who hesitate too much, because of the anxiety involved in making changes, must learn to overcome their fears quickly.

In other words, one of the primary things holding entrepreneurs back from finding success, is fear… fear of change, fear of consequences, and fear of failure; among a whole host of other fears. But as Arnold Schwarzenegger states in his six rules, #3 — Don’t Be Afraid To Fail! Always be willing to fail! This means that sometimes, making wrong decisions fast, is ultimately better than stalling and dying slow.

Using the speed of implementation might require some mental fortitude in the beginning stages. However, once an entrepreneur has successfully gotten over this emotional hurdle, they will soon realize that being a fast action-taker, is less stressful in the long run, rather than exercising mental gymnastics from the safety of a ‘timeless’ comfort zone.

Remember to Speed Safely

Implementing business advice in a speedy manner runs the risk of causing harm to an entrepreneur’s company. However, this should be a much welcomed risk. Once a decision has been implemented, an entrepreneur can immediately measure the results. If that decision turns out to steer the company in the wrong direction, appropriate adjustments can be made in the moment, and valuable lessons can be learned about what does and does not work.

Experience is the best teacher, and the speed of implementation allows entrepreneurs to think on their feet as events continuously unfold. Conversely, sitting too long with an idea, mulling over potential consequences, will never result in anything more than idle speculation. An entrepreneur’s drive will become inert, leading to the stagnant growth and lackluster production.


In the end… lazy, indecisive, overly careful and/or fearful risk adverse entrepreneurs wishing for everything to be perfect before acting, should just go get a ‘normal’ job. Trust us, ‘perfect’ will never exist. What will exist, however, always… is opportunity. And what AJENE WATSON, LLC has learned in financing and consulting startup and early stage development companies, particularly publicly traded microcap companies on the OTC Markets, is that the speed in which one exploits opportunity, is absolutely paramount for success.

So, the next time you read some good pointers in the self-help or business improvement section of the bookstore, or encounter some really good advice from a mentor or guru, please… take a few minutes to consider it deeply. If you feel the advice is worth taking, waste no time in implementing it. In the event that it turns out to be bad advice, you should be able to correct the mistakes while they are happening; gaining valuable insight during the process. If the advice was worthwhile, then you’d have the added advantage of being one of the first entrepreneurs to use it in your business.



Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets

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Business Management & Financial Services Consultant Focused on Development Stage Companies & Microcap Markets