Vote by Mail: A Necessary Investment in American Democracy

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The sustained effort to silence marginalized voters has roots dating back as far as the creation of America. In fact, in 1870, the first mission of the newly created . Fast forward to today and now the Supreme Court is “” voter suppression. At least we’re consistent. 🙄🤦

Voter suppression appears in subtle, insidious ways, such as voter ID policies, hours long wait times to cast a ballot, blatant gerrymandering in non-white neighbourhoods, wealth discrimination against poor white and minority communities and more. Battleground states in particular face relentless opposition to keep people from voting. Just recently, the heavily biased from casting their vote in the 2020 election.

The value of the vote

If votes weren’t valuable, the feds wouldn’t be pushing so hard to suppress them. Casting a ballot is the only time every American is equal. Jeff Bezos gets one vote, and so does a low income worker — therein lies the danger. .

Equal opportunity to vote is a threat to GOP leaders, which is why they’ve been unfaltering in their efforts to target black voters with “.” Black and Latinx voters face respective than their white counterparts. Leaders are strongly motivated to exclude marginalized voters because more such voters — especially on a local level — means more possible challenges to enduring systems and structures like policing, healthcare, housing and community programs.

Traditionally, the attitude among constituents has been quite apathetic towards local elections, which explains why, according to the New York Times, nationwide turn up to cast their vote in these elections. Local elections may feel insignificant, but they are anything but. With , immense power for on the ground change lies with local community leaders. said it best: “Those are the people who affect our quality of life.”

Vote like your life depends on it

Believe it or not, wealth and white skin aren’t prerequisites to vote in America, but it certainly could appear that way. Out of control police budgets, hereditary power structures, wealth inequality and more, can certainly be tied back to a lack of minority representation in the voting booth. Vote by mail is a secure, fair and practical solution to safely bring more eligible citizens into the voting process. These voices are needed to shape policies that work for everyone, not just affluent white Americans, the wealthy and the powerful. Local governments can only be responsive to their citizens’ needs if they can exercise their constitutional right to vote for the changes they wish to see.

, especially as coronavirus continues to rapidly spread through the country and endanger voters. It’s a solution that can help protect marginalized communities, giving them a strong voice and empowering each American citizen to shape the future of our democracy.

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